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About Us

Your Care is Our Mission

Mission Hospital is leading the way in providing you with the most advanced diagnostic care in the world, right here in south Orange County. Here, our highly trained staff combines caring service and advanced technology to treat the whole person - mind, body and spirit - because every blueprint for health is unique.

eye First he died, and then he saw the light. It was fluorescent. Mission accomplished. At 41, Jeff still had a life to live. He was young, healthy, with no history of heart problems whatsoever. But on one otherwise ordinary summer day, his heart stopped. He was clinically dead, but a team of highly skilled doctors and nurses at Mission Hospital was able to bring him back with treatment suited specifically for his unique situation. Using a state-of-the-art procedure called Hypothermia Protocol, they cooled his core temperature-virtually freezing his body in time-preserving his brain function for a full recovery. Thanks to the extraordinary efforts, individualized care and compassion of this dedicated team, Jeff walked out of the hospital 18 days later with a brand new lease on life. That was our Mission. Accomplished.
eye Before a leak becomes a flood, it's critical to have the solution in your own backyard. Mission accomplished. It may start as a trickle, but the results can be catastrophic. An aortic dissection can happen to anyone, anytime, and-unless it's caught-is usually fatal. Though it may be a rare condition, when it comes to the most effective treatments, you need your hospital to be prepared for your own unique situation. Here, we have access to options and expertise that make sense for you specifically. Expertise that doesn't exist at every hospital. Like the advanced Aortic Arch Replacement-a delicate procedure which repairs the largest vessel from the heart, the aorta. And it's performed by the only surgeon in Orange County who's made it his life's work. Because when something this critical happens to you, you need the best solutions right here in your own backyard. Mission. Accomplished.
eye Now it's possible to remove the needle without disturbing the haystack. Mission accomplished. It starts with only a few microscopic cells. But when it comes to the latest in surgical techniques for treating prostate cancer, you'll find it here at Mission Hospital. With the da Vinci S Surgical Robotic System, highly skilled surgeons are able to operate through tiny incisions with pinpoint accuracy, not only removing the cancer but also the anxiety. The result is less pain, less scarring, and a shorter hospital stay. Because we believe that treating the disease begins by treating you. Technology, respect and dignity- at Mission, that's the kind of treatment you'll always find working in plain sight. Mission. Accomplished.
flare It was the call every parent fears. Russell’s 20-year-old daughter, Brittany, had been in a devastating car accident. Fortunately for her, she was rushed to Mission Hospital—the one place in the area equipped to treat her life-threatening injuries. Mission Regional Trauma Center employed customized protocols that meant the difference between life and death. She was in a coma for 42 days, but with compassion and expertise her trauma team utilized the most advanced technologies available to ensure her recovery. Like the Licox® Brain Tissue Monitoring System a state-of-the-art system that ensured her brain received the oxygen it needed to remain healthy. Thanks to her dedicated medical team —and the support and encouragement of her parents, family and friends Brittany’s looking far down the road to a very bright future. Read more about Traumatic Brain Injury.
target It may start with blurred vision, a sharp pain or labored breathing. It can be any unusual symptom but if you’re at Mission Hospital a Rapid Response Nurse will be at your bedside with additional expertise in a matter of seconds, to help stop a crisis before it strikes. Specially trained. There when you need them. The Rapid Response Nursing Team, at Mission. The Joint Commission named Mission Hospital a 2008 recipient of the 12th annual Ernest Amory Codman Award which recognizes excellence in the use of outcomes measurement by health care organizations to achieve improvements in the quality and safety of health care. Learn more about the Rapid Response team..
target It’s 3 a.m. The phone rings, and a sleeping obstetrician is awakened. A new life is about to join the world. This story has played out countless times since the telephone was introduced over 100 years ago. But this is hardly the end of the story. In fact, it’s just the beginning. Because Mission Hospital is the first hospital in Orange County to introduce a breakthrough new fetal monitoring system, called AirStrip OB. This gives your physician a visual, real-time connection to you and your baby’s vital data – right through their smart phone. This secure wireless access enhances your physician’s ability to act immediately, if need be, with your dedicated nursing team, even when they are away from the hospital. Advanced technology like this is just one more way we’re improving the health of our communities and giving an entirely new meaning to being “on call.” Mission. Accomplished.