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Values in Action Awards

Mission Hospital presents the Values in Action Awards annually to honor four individuals who each embody our core values: Dignity, Service, Excellence and Justice. Hundreds of deserving candidates are nominated by their peers for going above and beyond to provide an extra measure of care or service. A committee determines one winner in each of our four core values.

2015 Values in Action Award Winners

2015 Dignity Award Winner
The Dignity Award is given to Stuart Nagasawa, MD, Physician, Oncology – for listening and seeking to understand and respect all people and their differing viewpoints. Colleagues share that Dr. Nagasawa has an excellent reputation with his patients. He listens attentively, speaks calmly, confidently and reassuringly. Dr. Nagasawa has the unique ability to make you feel safe and secure and consistently shares information in an open, honest and respectful way. Dr. Nagasawa understands the person as a whole being, not just treating the disease. He responds to his phone calls promptly and he takes time to explain his reasoning and opinion. He makes sure you truly understand. “Dr. Nagasawa needs to know that our ministry appreciates him and his way of living out our mission and values so explicitly.”

2015 Service Award Winner
Service is awarded to Rodolfo “Rudy” Godinez, Food Service Worker III, Nutritional Care Services – who displays courtesy and shapes a service-oriented environment that understands and responds sensitively to unique needs. Colleagues say that Rudy remembers your name and really goes out of his way to make you feel welcome. He is always meeting needs in a prompt and efficient way. He provides such care and service with everything he does. Rudy will go out of the way to make sure the service from Nutritional Care Services is complete and fulfills everyone’s request. “He has a very positive attitude, works very efficiently and it is a pleasure to have Rudy on our team.”

2015 Excellence Award Winner
Excellence is awarded to Patrick Thein, MD, Physician, Labor and Delivery – for encouraging new ideas, seeking to discover and share best practices, and creating an environment of continuous learning. Dr. Thein is a doctor of integrity and he treats his patients and the nurses with respect and compassion. Dr. Thein has been instrumental in developing and running the laborist program here at Mission Hospital. He is always very enthusiastic and willing to learn new skills. He includes the staff in his new knowledge and makes it easy to learn from him. “Dr. Thein is a great educator, a solid physician and a wonderful leader.”

2015 Justice Award Winner
Justice is awarded to Roberto “Berto” Muniz, RN, Specialty RN III, CICU/Rapid Response RN – for his demonstrated enthusiasm in calling others to work together to understand and serve the needs of the vulnerable in our community. He helped organize the summer program that is open to the minority youth allowing them to come to Mission to be part of a one week immersion program related to choosing a health care related career. He works tirelessly in organizing and teaching the young students about nursing. He has served as a role model for the youth who were mainly Spanish speaking teens from vulnerable areas in south Orange County. Not only has he done this once, he has been an integral member of the team every year. “Berto lives the core value of justice to the highest level possible.”

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