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Professional Practice Model

Four key components of Professional Practice include:

1. Care Delivery Model
Based on particular “domains of practice,” this model defines how patient and family-centered care, unique to the needs of the specific patient, will be delivered.

2. Shared Governance
Allows professional nurses to share responsibility for decisions that affect nursing practice.

3. Clinical Development
A system based on the research of Patricia Benner, RN, PhD, FAAN, provides the framework for professional growth, development, recognition and reward of the clinician. In order to enhance clinical expertise and critical thinking skills, clinical development also includes formal Preceptor and Mentor programs.

4. Clinical Leadership Development
The single most critical factor in the success of a Professional Practice Model is the quality of the leadership at the unit level. The nursing leaders play a key role in the development of clinical nurses to assume professional roles in practice, leadership, education and research