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Heart Center
Heart Center

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Heart Programs

Stereotaxis: a gentle way to treat irregular heartbeats


Even at its healthiest, the heart is a delicate muscle comprising a network of highly sensitive arteries, veins and chambers. To treat complex heart conditions more quickly, and with increased precision and safety, the skilled cardiologists at Mission Hospital employ an advanced, minimally invasive technology called Stereotaxis. This magnetically guided, robotic surgical approach enables them to navigate catheters through the sensitive pathways of the heart and treat arrhythmias in the safest possible manner. With this major innovation, Mission Hospital heart specialists can confidently repair remote areas of the heart that were previously difficult or impossible to reach. As Southern California’s leader in heart care, Mission Hospital is proud to offer the safest, most precise treatments for arrhythmia.

The potential benefits for our patients are many:

  • Increased safety and precision
  • Lower risk of complications and repeat procedures
  • Shorter procedure times
  • A 44% reduction in exposure to X-ray radiation
  • Faster recovery
  • Reduced need for invasive, open-heart procedures
  • Expanded treatment options for complex conditions

Aortic Program

Mission Hospital is the only hospital in Orange County that offers surgical repair of an aortic arch dissection – a condition that is nearly 100 percent fatal. In addition, skilled affiliated physicians can medically or surgically treat aneurysms and other conditions (e.g. Marfan syndrome, arthrosclerosis, hypertension) that affect the aorta.