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If you and your doctor have determined you are a candidate for total joint replacement, Mission Orthopedic Services is ready. Our Total Joint Replacement (TJR) program offers state-of-the-art technology and advanced surgical techniques to remove damaged cartilage and rebuild the joint area using metal, plastic or ceramic components.

Advances in technology and technique have made it possible for orthopedic surgeons to replace hips using either a posterior or an anterior approach. Both approaches are safe and effective. The traditional posterior approach has been modified to be done through a “mini” incision which lessens pain and speeds up recovery time. The anterior approach has also been modified allowing a small incision to access the hip joint from the front, separating muscles rather than incising them. These approaches will reduce the rehabilitation time, decrease post-operative discomfort, and given the new materials available, may lessen the risk of dislocation in the immediate post-operative period. Both methods have proven positive long term results. Each method is appropriate for certain types of patients and each has contraindications, consult your surgeon to discuss which method is right for you.

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From the moment you schedule your surgery, our team starts working for you. Mission's multidisciplinary team of specialized nurses, physicians, physical and occupational therapists and clinical care coordinators meets bi-weekly to determine individualized plans of care that address the needs of each patient. This team approach, combined with our effective and personalized education, pain management and comprehensive home health rehabilitation is your answer to living without hip or knee joint pain.

Effective pain management is important for your recovery. Our experts use an evidence-based method of multimodal pain management that begins just before your surgery and continues throughout your recovery so that you can get back to the life you want to live faster.

Once your doctor has scheduled your Total Joint Replacement procedure, you will attend a free pre-operative Total Joint Replacement class where you will meet your Orthopedic Clinical Care Coordinator. In the class, you will be provided information about your surgery and recovery personalized to your unique situation.

Mission Hospital TJR Facts:

  • 350: Total Joint Replacement surgeries performed each year
  • 2: Average number of nights spent in the hospital
  • 3: Average level of pain experienced (on a 10-point scale with zero being "no pain")
  • 87%: Patients discharged directly home
  • 98%: Patients who would recommend Mission Hospital without hesitation for Total Joint Replacement surgery