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Robotic Surgery

This gift enabled Mission to purchase the da Vinci S Surgical System, a state-of-the-art robotic system that has been named "Vitek" in their honor. Dick and Marilyn Vitek of Dana Point donated $1 million to establish the Vitek Institute for Robotic Surgery at Mission Hospital - the first robotics program in south Orange County.

Using robots to perform surgery once seemed like a futuristic fantasy. Not anymore. Everything from prostate surgery to complex gynecological surgeries, including medically-necessary hysterectomies, can be performed by doctors using the robotic arms controlled by the surgeon's hands via a 4-D console. This technology allows for more precision than traditional surgical methods and results in less blood loss and pain, lower risk of complications, shorter hospital stays and quicker recovery times than those who have open surgery.

"Marilyn and I both feel that robotics technology is very important to the future of medicine and will greatly enhance the patient care that Mission offers," said Dick.