Women's Center

Breast Health Services

The Women’s Wellness Center at Mission Hospital offers complete breast health services—including prevention, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer—in a warm, secure environment to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Knowing breast cancer can take a toll on the mind and spirit of both patient and family, we also offer spiritual care services that support the needs of many. This exceptional care is delivered with the expertise, compassion, and support.

To learn more about our breast health services at our Laguna Beach or Mission Viejo locations, give us a call today.

Mammography Center

Located within our Women's Wellness Center, Mission Imaging Center's caring staff operates Tomosynthesis, also known as 3D mammography. This is the most advanced form of mammography available today. Our center is also accredited by the American College of Radiology and staffed with breast radiologists, which means you can be confident knowing that your results will be read and interpreted correctly.

Diagnostic Services

Mission Imaging Center offers a complete range of breast diagnostic services. These advanced services help to identify cancer earlier on, optimizing success and allowing for faster treatment.

Genetics Program

The Genetics Program gives women in south Orange County a powerful ally against breast cancer. Evolving beyond the once-common approach of watchful waiting, our advanced genetic counseling and testing empowers women with an active prevention, intervention, and risk-reduction program.

For women identified at risk of developing breast cancer, this program provides invaluable preventive resources. Our licensed genetics counselors will help you understand your risk and how to proactively manage your breast health.

Nurse Case Manager

Throughout diagnosis, treatment, and recovery, your highly trained Nurse Case Manager will help you navigate your journey every step of the way. She will assist you in understanding the process, enable you to be an active participant in your care, and be available as a constant resource for information, services, and support.

Personal Treatment Team

During your treatment at Mission Hospital you will be supported by a dedicated support team that includes your personal physicians, clinical nurse specialists, social workers, dietitians and physical therapists.

Planning Conference (Tumor Board)

Mission Hospital Cancer Conference—the only program of its kind in Orange County—encourages patient participation and examination in the treatment planning process. This enables one of the highly trained multidisciplinary team to develop a complete picture of you as an individual and your specific health and medical circumstances. The conference also empowers doctors to provide optimal treatment recommendations.

Treatment Options

Should you need treatment, we offer a complete array of options including breast conserving treatment (lumpectomy), mastectomy, breast reconstruction (either immediate or delayed), sentinel node biopsy, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and hormone therapy. When you come to us, we review your specific medical needs to determine the best option.


In partnership with the City of Hope National Medical Center, Mission's Breast Health Services participates in national clinical research studies. This positions us at the forefront in the ongoing search for a cure. Our research program enables close clinical follow-up of trial participants and access to cutting edge treatment protocols.

Susan G. Komen Library

Our Susan G. Komen library is housed in our Women's Wellness Center and contains books, pamphlets, and videos across a wide range of breast health and breast cancer topics to enable you with a better understanding of prevention, treatment and coping mechanisms. In addition, a computer is available to provide online access to reputable health care information.

Lymphedema Program

Breast cancer treatment can place women at a life-long risk for developing lymphedema, accumulation of fluid, which may cause debilitating effects. Early detection can allow for early intervention that can prevent or slow progression of lymphedema to a chronic more difficult to treat stage.

Our Lymphedema Program includes:

  • Patient education
  • Screening and measurement (pre-operative baseline measurement and post-treatment measurement)
  • Referral for lymphedema sleeves (available at our boutique) if needed
  • Referral for early intervention with our Lymphedema Rehab Specialist

Restorative Massage

Performed by certified therapeutic massage therapists, this specialized form of massage stimulates the body's inherent healing processes and may reduce inflammation and increase range of motion. Restorative massage may be especially beneficial for patients undergoing treatment for cancer. Techniques include Deep Tissue, Shiatsu and Trigger Point Releases. As part of an overall treatment plan, restorative massage may be covered by insurance.