Cindy Mueller

Vice President, Mission Integration

Cindy Mueller serves as Vice President of Mission Integration at Mission Hospital and Mission Hospital Laguna Beach. In her role, she is responsible for integrating the mission and values of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange into the hospital’s daily operations and providing oversight to improve the health and quality of life within the community. Mueller focuses her efforts on inspiring a healing ministry within Mission Hospital and beyond. She works closely with the St. Joseph Health and the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange to ensure the health system’s strategic goals are woven into all aspects of care for the dear neighbor through education, compassionate care and access to affordable healthcare.

In 2006, Mueller was instrumental in creating a new program, “No One Dies Alone” (NODA), one of the most important programs she has initiated to date. NODA is a program that provides a compassionate companion to patients who find themselves alone at the end of life. Starting as an OR scrub nurse at Framingham Union Hospital in Massachusetts, Mueller’s career has evolved to an influential leader as Vice President of Mission Integration at Mission Hospital. Her 36 years of nursing experience has been a valuable asset to the Mission Integration team. She applies her high standards of quality care to benefit the underserved communities in south Orange County where she has established a variety of collaborations and partnerships.

As a past recipient of the Mission Hospital Values in Action Award for Justice, Mueller has been recognized for her commitment to building systems and structures that are attuned to meeting the needs of the poor and vulnerable and promoting a sense of community among all persons. Mueller holds a master’s degree in Nursing and, in 2008, added a master’s degree in Health Care Mission at the Aquinas Institute of Theology in St. Louis.