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Mission Hospital Employees Honored for Exemplifying Core Values


Mission Viejo, CA – Representing Mission Hospital’s core values: Dignity, Excellence, Service and Justice, four Mission Hospital employees were recently honored with the prestigious Values In Action Award during the annual luncheon celebrating all nominees.

“Through their ongoing efforts and dedication to Mission Hospital, this year’s four recipients truly deserve to be lauded,” said Cindy Mueller, Vice President of Mission Integration. “The overwhelming nominations by their peers are a true testament to their positive influence and leadership by example. Each of them embodies the true meaning of our core values, furthering the promise of our ministry.”
This year’s award Values in Action award recipients are:

Christine H. Bui, Assistant Controller, Dignity award recipient.
According to Mission Hospital staff, Bui’s concerns extend well beyond that of her own department’s because she knows every interaction is an opportunity to further the healing ministry. Bui is a role model who has an outstanding rapport with employees. In every personal encounter, she seeks to understand others and their differing viewpoints. The Dignity award is given to those who see each person as a valuable member of the human community and a unique expression of life.

Veronica Sanchez, Education Representative, Professional Education, Service award recipient.
Known for her genuine smile, Sanchez has a wonderful way of balancing several requests at once, while treating each encounter as sacred. According to colleagues, Sanchez always maintains a positive outlook no matter how stressful things are. Her quick responsiveness and calm demeanor are two unwavering traits. The Service award is given to those who hold every interaction as a unique opportunity to serve one another, the community and society.

Genevieve Grable, R.N., Surgical 3 East, Excellence award recipient.
Grable is honored for her tremendous leadership and her pivotal role in hospital’s journey toward Magnet status. She is described as a “champion of nurses.” Grable’s colleagues note that she is always pushing the envelope, encouraging new ideas and serving as an inspiration to others. The Excellence award is given to those committed to professional development, accountability, innovation, teamwork and commitment to quality.

Sue Marshall, Employee Relations Manager, Human Resources Department, Justice award recipient.
Marshall is honored for her ability to be fair and just, no matter what type of issues arise. She is described as always treating each person with a deep level of respect and maintains employees’ self esteem. Through her knack of helping people, she always has a smile on her face and continues to build relationships everywhere she goes. The Justice award is given to those who advocate for systems and structures attuned to the needs of the vulnerable and disadvantaged, promoting a sense of community among all persons.
For the 2011 Values in Action awards, Mission Hospital received 1,055 nominations from 639 individuals across the hospital’s many departments.