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Mission Hospital Leads Innovation and Technology with Minimally Invasive Surgical Procedures


Mission Viejo, CA – Mission Hospital continues to further its pursuit to provide the most advanced care with the addition of two innovative, minimally invasive surgical technologies: Coviden’s SILS™ and Invuity's EIGR visualization™ technology. These new technologies are among the most advanced in their fields resulting in speedier recovery times, minimal scaring and overall, less invasive surgical procedures. In its quest to provide patients with the best outcomes possible, Mission Hospital is the first-to-market in Orange County for Invuity's EIGR™ Technology.

“We continue to strive to enhance patient care by connecting practicing physicians with the newest technologies,” said Markie Cowley, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Mission Hospital. “With these two technologies in place, we are armed with some of the most advanced, accurate and safe technologies in the county. We have already seen many positive results for our patients.”

Covidien SILS™ Procedure
At Mission, the SILS™ (single-incision laparoscopic surgery) procedure allows surgeons to perform medically-necessary hysterectomies and cholecystectomies (gallbladder removal) by removing the uterus or gallbladder through a two- centimeter (0.75 inches) single incision at the belly button. Traditional open abdominal surgeries usually require multiple small incisions or one large abdominal incision as large as five to seven inches long and often results in a large scar. By hiding this small incision within the belly button, the procedure may eliminate the visible scars typically associated with hysterectomy- and gallbladder-related surgeries.

“With single-incision laparoscopic surgery, a surgery that used to require up to four days in the hospital and eight weeks of recovery time can now be done the same day,” said Dr. Leon Baginski, who performed the first SILS™ hysterectomy procedure at Mission Hospital . “Because of the minimally invasive nature of this approach, women do not need that extra recovery time for their skin, muscle and connective tissue to heal. They are often back to their normal routine in a mere two weeks.” In fact it was Misty Rhodes Howrey, 38 who sought Dr. Baginksi’s professional expertise when she was diagnosed with the early stages of Endometriosis. Howrey chose to undergo a medically-necessary hysterectomy using SILS™. “There was no hesitation,” said Howry, a mother of two. “I have been coming to Mission Hospital my entire life and know the quality and compassion of their physicians and staff. After the
surgery, I was a brand new person. Endometriosis runs in my family. I think all women who qualify for a hysterectomy would benefit from this surgery.”

A hysterectomy is the second most frequent major surgical procedure among reproductive-aged women, with approximately 600,000 hysterectomies performed each year in the United States. The three conditions most often associated with hysterectomy are fibroid tumors, endometriosis and uterine prolapse. Consistent with our mission and values, only medically-necessary hysterectomies are performed at Mission Hospital.

Invuity's EIGR™ Technology
Mission Hospital is the first hospital in Orange County to introduce Invuity's EIGR™ Soft Tissue Retractor. This retractor incorporates the breakthrough EIGR technology which utilizes proprietary optical waveguides to deliver light uniformly to the smallest surgical areas. This new technology is currently being used for thyroid surgery at Mission Hospital. Unlike traditional thyroid surgery instruments, the EIGR visualization technology is integrated into a redesigned and optimized soft tissue retractor, providing supreme visualization during surgery.

“Thyroid surgery is now a minimally-invasive procedure because of this new EIGR technology,” said Dr. James Bredenkamp, co-inventor of the EIGR thyroid retractor and a physician partner at Mission Hospital’s Mission Surgery Center. “The illuminated retractor lets physicians achieve unparalleled visualization during surgery, allowing for smaller incisions to remove the thyroid gland or nodule. This revolution in technology ultimately means improved outcomes for our patients including reduced scarring and faster recovery.

“Approximately 13 million Americans are undiagnosed with some sort of thyroid condition. Untreated thyroid conditions can lead to short and long term health concerns including high cholesterol. Thyroid surgery has become a common treatment option for a variety of thyroid conditions including both cancerous and benign thyroid nodules, large thyroid glands and overactive thyroid glands.

To learn more about these procedures or for a physician referral, please call our Health Information Line at 949-364-1770.