Act FAST Call 911 Know the Signs of Stroke and Call 911


Up to 2 million brain cells die every minute during a stroke, so time is of the essence for treatment. Knowing the signs of stroke and acting FAST is the first step in getting appropriate treatment at a Comprehensive Stroke Center.

The Joint Commission has certified Mission Hospital as a Comprehensive Stroke Center. This prestigious designation is bestowed only to hospitals that have specific abilities to receive and treat the most complex stroke cases. The stroke program at the Mission Neuroscience Institute (MNI) features a dedicated team of care providers and physicians to quickly diagnose and determine immediate emergent care if warranted.

Acute emergent stroke care can be offered to a patient who develops stroke symptoms and presents to the emergency department within a defined time “window” of care. Following immediate imaging of the brain and its blood vessels, treatment with a medicine called tissue plasminogen activator (t-PA) can be given.

There is certain criteria needed to determine if this treatment can be provided. The medicine t-PA is similar to the body’s own natural t-PA. This protein breaks down blood clots, helping to restore flow of blood that was blocked thus potentially limiting damage caused by a stroke.

Stroke care goes beyond the immediate, and entails numerous treatment strategies during the hospitalization and even after discharge. At Mission Hospital, a multi-disciplinary team of experts including: neurologists, neuro-intensivists, neurosurgeons, cardiologists, rehabilitation therapists, advanced practice nurses and a highly trained nursing staff all work in alignment to provide exceptional care that carries through to rehabilitation. With a specialty certification in stroke and brain injury rehabilitation, Mission Rehabilitation Center is staffed by a true multi-disciplinary team that is there from intake to discharge to help patients recover faster and more effectively.

As a Comprehensive Stroke Center, Mission Hospital provides the critical elements to achieve long-term success in improving outcomes for stroke patients.

To learn more call (877) 459-3627, or learn more about our Comprehensive Stroke Center.