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Gerald M.  Brennock, MD

Gerald M. Brennock, MD

(949) 364-6000

Primary Office

26800 Crown Valley Pkwy.
Suite 315
Mission Viejo, CA 92691
(949) 364-6000
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Physician Bio

MHMG’s retired founding physician, Gerald M. Brennock, M.D. is now one of a handful of Orange County physicians specializing in travel and tropical medicine and is the only one certified by the field’s two main governing bodies which are, the American Society of Tropical medicine and Hygiene and the International Society of Travel Medicine. Dr. Brennock didn’t always specialize in travel medicine, but after a trip to the Amazon in 1992, where he saw people ill-prepared made him realize there was a definite need for this type of care. Besides prescribing medications and giving vaccines, Dr. Brennock offers advice on crime prevention, road conditions, appropriate clothing and food safety, which most people don’t seriously consider prior to traveling. The most important lesson for any traveler is, “Be Prepared”.
Please help yourself and others by taking advantage of these services for your safety and enjoyment before traveling abroad. Dr. Brennock’s Travel Clinic is located in the Plaza Building in suite 315. Appointments can be scheduled by calling (949) 364-6000.

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