Being Well


Staying Healthy

  • Diseases

    Do you need information on heart disease? Cancer? Asthma? The common cold? Look here for those and many other conditions.

  • Fitness

    Regular exercise is essential to good health. What"s your preference—walking, biking, swimming, or a fitness class? Find out why it"s time to get moving.

  • Prevention

    Screening tests and immunizations are two important ways to prevent illness and catch health problems when they are easier to treat.

  • Nutrition

    You can improve your diet with simple changes: Add more fruits and vegetables to your menus, switch to low-fat milk, choose whole grains.

  • Today's Medicine

    Be an active patient—be a partner with your doctor in your health care. Keep your medical appointments and plan ahead to make the most of those visits.

  • Weight Control

    The central idea in weight management is to balance the amount of food you eat with your level of daily physical activity.