Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the 2019 Mission Hospital CareGiving Program?

This is the annual fundraising campaign to encourage caregivers/employees to give back and personally make a difference in the life of a patient, colleague or member of the community. One hundred percent of the proceeds benefit Mission Hospital. It also provides an opportunity to share with caregivers ways to get involved with the foundation.

2. Where does the money go?

Donations go directly to the fund that you specify. Proiceeds from the raffle are directed to the Leonard Cancer Institute.

3. What payment options are available?

Recurring Gift: Your gift will continue to be deducted via payroll deduction until you notify the foundation to stop. NOTE: If you pledge last year, your deductions will continue - but you have the option to change the amount or fund. One Time Gift: Via cash, check, credit card, or payroll deduction (min. $25 if selecting payroll deduction).

4. How do I make a gift?

To donate online, please click here or download and complete the pledge form here. Forms can be sent to the foundation via interoffice mail (MOB 3, Suite 364), postal mail or sent via fax to (949) 365-2236.

5. When will payroll deduction begin and end?

The first deduction usually take approximately 4 weeks to initiate or the November 8 payroll if you are participating during the formal September campaign period. If you select a per pay period contribution, your pledge will continue until you notify the foundation to stop deductions.

6. Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, your campaign donation is tax deductible to the full extent provided by federal and state law as long as you itemize your deductions. Gift acknowledgement letters will be sent out after the campaign. Note, raffle ticket purchases are not tax deductible. Our Federal Tax ID is: 95-1643360.

8. Do you accept other types of gifts?

Yes. Gifts of appreciated stock, mutual funds, or securities are accepted. Please click here for wiring instructions, or contact Cathy Wakabayashi at

9. Will the amount of my pledge remain confidential?

Yes, the amount will remain strictly confidential, though employees/caregivers who participate in the campaign will be recognized on the Employee Giving Wall located near the cafeteria on the campus that is selected on your pledge. You may indicate how you would like to be recognized when making your pledge.

10. Can I change my pledge? What if I leave Mission Hospital?

Yes, you can change your pledge at any time. If your circumstances change and you cannot fulfill your pledge, please contact the foundation. Any pledge will remain in effect as long as you are a caregiver/employee of Mission Hospital. if you leave and would still like to continue your pledge, please contact the foundation.

11. How much should I pledge?

This is an individual decision. To receive this year's thank you gift, a donation of $100 or more is needed (one-time gift, or over 26 pay periods). Please see the chart below for an example of per pay period giving for one year.


$3.85 per pay period = $100 per year
$5 per pay period = $130 per year
$10 per pay period = $260 per year
$15 per pay period = $390 per year
$20 per pay period = $520 per year
$25 per pay period = $650 per year
$30 per pay period = $780 per year
$35 per pay period = $910 per year
$40 per pay period = $1,040 per year

Thank you for support and your thoughtful consideration.

We can do this together.