Mission Hospital Foundation

Sister Martha Ann Fitzpatrick Vision Award

The Vision Award was established in 1993 and was then renamed the Sister Martha Ann Fitzpatrick Vision Award in 2006. The award honors Sister Martha Ann Fitzpatrick, vice president, advocacy and ministry formation at Mission Hospital and celebrates an individual or group for living the core values of Mission Hospital (Dignity, Service, Excellence and Justice) and working to bring people together to foster a shared responsibility for the quality of life in our community.

This year's recipients is Dr. Peter Czuleger.

Dr. Czuleger has been a treasured member of our Mission Hospital family for more than 20 years and has played an integral role in both the foundation's stewardship and cultivation efforts. As the foundation physician liaison, he guides and cares for our most cherished donors and their families during illness and times of need.

Dr. Czuleger has touched so many lives and extensively shaped the foundation and hospital that it is an honor to recognize his service. Congratulations to Dr. Czuleger, the 2016 Sister Martha Ann Fitzpatrick Vision Award recipient.

Esteemed Past Recipients of the Mission Hospital Foundation
Sister Martha Ann Fitzpatrick Vision Award

2015 ~ Barbara Massrey and Margarita Solazzo
2014 ~ Lisa Dale
2013 ~ A. Thomas Bender Family
2012 ~ The Nolet Family
2011 ~ Loren B. Shook
2010 ~ Rancho Mission Viejo
2009 ~ Linda Berkshire
2008 ~ R. Clifford Carper
2007 ~ Edward Gotschall and Terrence A. Noonan
2006 ~ Traumatic Brain Injury Team (Mary Kay Bader, RN, Sylvain Palmer, MD, Thomas Shaver MD, Connie Stalcup, RN and Margie Whittaker, RN)
2005 ~ Sister Martha Ann Fitzpatrick
2004 ~ Camino Health Center Auxiliary
2003 ~ Patricia Graham
2002 ~ Jonathon Stillman
2001 ~ Beth Schimmel
2000 ~ Kate Keena and Edward Muldoon
1999 ~ Winifred Johnson
1998 ~ J. Chris Walsh
1997 ~ Gregory Thomas, MD
1996 ~ The Auxiliary of Mission Hospital
1995 ~ William Kelly
1994 ~ Thomas Shaver, MD
1993 ~ Henry and Margaret Martin