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A cancer diagnosis is a frightening start to an often complicated and confusing journey. Mission Hospital believes cancer treatment should include a comprehensive, patient-focused and integrated care system, delivered locally whenever possible. Our mission is to establish a place of new possibilities, hope and healing in our community. Our comprehensive cancer center will bring together specialists, clinical research, and cutting-edge technology to compassionately care for the body, mind and spirit of our patients and family members. Together, we will make the once impossible, possible. #MissionPossible

A New Approach to Cancer Care in Our Community

Every day in our country, 4,500 people's lives are forever changed by a diagnosis of cancer.

To address this devastating national and local need, Mission Hospital will revolutionize cancer care in south Orange County.

The Leonard Cancer Institute will provide the latest cancer treatments right here in our community, ensuring south Orange County residents local access to specialized cancer care, not previously available.

Our program will include multi­disciplinary treatments, based on the latest research and evidence, and personalized to each patient's specific tumor, cancer type and genetics. Our comprehensive cancer programs and services will meet the unique needs of each patient - body, mind and spirit.

Specialized and dedicated clinicians

Our expert multi-disciplinary clinical team is highly accomplished in cancer diagnostics, research, treatment, patient care, education and prevention.

Personalized cancer care

Our program will include analysis of genetic and medical factors leading to different types of cancer. Knowing each patient's unique genetic makeup, helps us treat cancer individually.

Innovative technology and diagnostics

Technology and innovation in cancer care is rapidly evolving. Advanced technologies will enable us to transform the status quo in cancer care, leading patients to more personalized and accurate treatment plans, while enabling physicians to do their jobs more effectively.

Robotic surgical technology has also advanced rapidly allowing surgeons to operate on tumors in early stages or tumors in close proximity to sensitive organs without damaging healthy tissue.

Dedicated nurse navigators

Relatively new members of the multi-disciplinary care team; nurse navigators help patients traverse the health care system and their treatment plan. They work to ensure care is coordinated among members of the cancer care team and are strong advocates for patients.

Progressive research and clinical trials

Working with experts across the country, we can dramatically accelerate the pace of converting scientific discoveries into clinical advances that reduce the devastating effects of cancer. Forming alliances with leading cancer institutions, we will bring the best in academic medicine to our south Orange County community.

Extensive education, prevention and psychosocial programs

Beyond treating cancer, we will study its causes and ways to prevent, detect and improve tolerance of treatment side effects. Our programs will incorporate body, mind and spirit care, including integrative medicine and natural treatments such as acupuncture, massage and yoga that reduce stress and anxiety and improve overall well-being.

Sacred Encounters with Our Patients:

"I was diagnosed with breast cancer on November 30, 2016. Within minutes of receiving this life­ altering news, the staff at the Women's Wellness Center was by my side. I never felt alone, and they continue to support me. As I've watched the staff in action, I learned that every woman who comes to Mission Hospital and the Women's Wellness Center receives the same compassionate care. I am so thankful for them."

So many incredible physicians and nurses have cared for me, including my surgeon, Dr. Kenneth Kushner and medical oncologist, Dr. L. Stuart Nagasawa. I was delightfully surprised with how much time they spent with my family and me the first few weeks. I know how busy physicians are, but we never felt rushed. I am so thankful for their expertise and the care they continue to provide. I also have great appreciation for the amazing nurses and staff on the oncology floor, and the care they provide their patients.

This breast cancer journey has been difficult, but we have been so blessed to have my Mission family caring for me. I joined the Mission family 19 years ago as a nurse on the Labor and Delivery unit. I am so thankful to have Mission Hospital as my source of health care.

I witness our remarkable caregivers in action each day, but to receive this exceptional care personally, truly solidified what a remarkable place Mission Hospital is. I am so proud to be a part of it.

With gratitude,
Aime, Blair, Nick, and
Jake Morrison
RN CNIII, Labor and Delivery

Together We Will Make the Once Impossible, POSSIBLE

Cancer touches almost everyone

While we have made great strides in cancer identification, treatment and research, there is still much to be done.

When you give to the Leonard Cancer Institute, you have the opportunity to make a tremendous difference in the lives of cancer patients by supporting innovative technology, advanced patient care, dedicated research and comprehensive education and prevention programs.

This type of incredible innovation and development requires extraordinary philanthropic support from our community. We must have your support to bring this remarkable level of patient­centered care to south Orange County.

Community philanthropic investment in the Leonard Cancer Institute will ensure we can provide the highest level of cancer care, at home, in our own community.

Philanthropic Needs:

  • Endowed medical chairs - Help bring the best oncologists to south Orange County to provide medical leadership, drive program development and create research opportunities.
    • $2,000,000 to $5,000,000
  • ​Dedicated nurse navigators - Help patients navigate the diverse network of treatments, clinical trials and recovery programs.
    • $500,000 to $1,000,000
  • Innovative technology and diagnostics - Help us provide patients with more personalized and accurate cancer care with these new technologies:
    • Linear Accelerator - $4,000,000
    • PET CT - $2,500,000
    • 3T MRI - $1,700,000
    • CT Simulator - $800,000
    • Intraoperative Radiation Therapy - $625,000
  • Progressive research and clinical trials - Help us connect our medical leadership with the best in academic medicine. Clinical trials provide cancer patients with more options by connecting them to a national cancer network.
    • $50,000 to $250,000
  • Psychosocial programs and services - Help us prevent, detect and improve tolerance of treatment side effects. Our programs incorporate body, mind and spirit in order to enhance the quality of life for patients during and after treatment.
    • $25,000 to $100,000
  • #MissionPossible fund any amount - Cancer remains one of the most frightening diagnoses. Your giving at any level will support our physicians and clinicians in their work to address the whole patient and deliver coordinated, comprehensive, personalized cancer care in the most patient centric, efficient manner.

Join us as we build a model of change that will revolutionize cancer care today.

Support the Cancer Institute

To learn more about the Leonard Cancer Institute, please contact.

Gwen Anderson, Mission Hospital Foundation Gwen.Anderson@stjoe.org or (949) 365-2468.