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The Mission Hospital Orthopedic Institute is committed to providing quality and evidence-based orthopedic care to the community. Our team of professionals includes orthopedists, hospitalists, nurses, physical therapists and case managers. This team approach ensures patients are provided with complete care that starts before the patient is admitted to the hospital and continues following discharge. Our program provides patients with free preparation classes, bedside visits by an Orthopedic Navigator and follow-up calls. We strive to ensure our patients and their families are well prepared for surgery and a successful recovery.

By the Numbers:

(Data as of January 2017)
  • Total Joint Replacement Program:

    • 350 surgeries performed each year.
    • An average of two nights spent in the hospital.
    • 87 of patients discharged directly home.
    • 98% of patients would recommend Mission Hospital without hesitation for Total Joint Replacement surgery.
  • 39 patients transferred to Mission Hospital from outside institutions for orthopedic trauma care.
  • Zero patient transfers from Mission Hospital for higher level of orthopedic trauma care since November 2012.
  • 959 elective orthopedic cases in the past 12 months compared to 888 in the previous 12 months.
  • 507 orthopedic emergent cases in the past 12 months compared to 467 in the previous 12 months.
  • 114 orthopedic trauma cases in the past 12 months compared to 91 in the previous 12 months.

Patient Story:

It was a hot summer day in July and former Marine Staff Sgt. Carson and his girlfriend Mary Kate were traveling on a motorcycle along Ortega Highway. Carson was driving; Mary Kate was riding on the back.

As the couple approached a sharp turn in the road, they collided head-on with a car in the opposite lane. "We literally went flying off the motorcycle. Mary Kate hit the windshield of the car and I landed in the middle of the road," Carson said. "My initial reaction was to help Mary Kate and the people in the car, but I couldn't move. I noticed the vehicle we collided with caught fire, and that's when the pain in my lower body set in."

Two off-duty nurses driving by called for help. "Right before I went unconscious, I remember one of the nurses held my hand and told me that everything was going to be ok," Carson said. Paramedics arrived and Carson was airlifted to the Trauma Center at Mission Hospital. Mary Kate was also rushed to Mission Hospital.

Dr. Kenneth Wilkens, board-certified orthopedic trauma surgeon at Mission Hospital, knew Carson had suffered a rare and potentially fatal injury. "Carson suffered an open pelvis injury, in which his pelvis literally opened like a book as a result of the accident," said Dr. Wilkens, who performed life-saving surgery on Carson. "These injuries have a 50 percent mortality rate due to high risk of infection.

Carson was hospitalized for nearly a month at Mission. This type of injury can typically take nine months to a year for a full recovery. However, Carson was determined to walk again and speed up his recovery.

"Not only was he mobile again, but Carson ran in the hallway outside of my office five months post-op," Dr. Wilkens said. Carson says that Dr. Wilkens is the reason he can walk. He later gave his Marine fatigues to Dr. Wilkens. The gesture meant a lot to Dr. Wilkens. "Many people would give up, but Carson didn't," Dr. Wilkens said.

"We are still so thankful that we were taken to Mission Hospital," shared Mary Kate.

Philanthropic Needs:

  • Endowed Orthopedic Chair: An Endowed Orthopedic Chair enables Mission Hospital to attract and retain the highest quality clinicians, foster innovation, fund advanced projects and research.
    • $2,000,000-$3,000,000 per chair
  • Dedicated Orthopedic Operating Room: A physical space large enough to accommodate complex cases with appropriate monitors for viewing images and links to the intraoperative imaging equipment. There are many components that go into building out a dedicated orthopedic operating room. Below are the areas of greatest need:
    • C-Arm Fluoroscopy: This technology allows physicians to guide needles to specific areas while watching the needle on a live x-ray screen.
      • $200,000
    • ​Mizuho HANA Orthopedic Table: This unique surgical resource optimizes patient positioning which results in smaller incisions, reducing pain and scaring, and allowing the patient to return to normal activities more quickly.
      • $93,400
    • Stryker 4400 Hand Piece: Compact, versatile and ergonomic, these drivers enable physicians to pin, drill, cut and ream with ease. The cordless design allows for maximum mobility in the sterile field, while the quick-connect attachments create superb efficiency.
      • $78,000
    • Stryker Neptune 3 Rover: With the introduction of new and elevated features, this multi-tasking hazardous fluid and smoke evacuation solution has been five years in the making.
      • $65,000
    • Omni Hip Retractor: This table-mounted hip retractor system provides consistent, hands-free exposure for total hip replacement. The hip retractor system is fully adjustable to accommodate individual surgeon techniques on any patient of any size.
      • $12,700

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