What is Valiant Women?

The term Valiant Women comes from Proverbs 31: 10-31, a beautiful passage depicting the qualities and value of valiant women. "When one finds a valiant woman, her value is far beyond pearls."

The Valiant Women of Mission Hospital is a support group of the hospital dedicated to ensuring that women of all ages receive quality health care. This special group supports Mission Hospital and is committed to meeting the medical, surgical, educational, and spiritual needs of all women in our community. Accessible and quality health care for all women and educational support of the Mission Hospital nursing community is the mission of the Valiant Women. In these times of uncertainty in health care, no woman should be put at risk because of the complexity of the health care system or lack of exact diagnostic equipment.

Your Personal Invitation

We invite you to join Valiant Women! You will have an opportunity to meet other caring people, share your leadership skills and utilize your experience and talents to make a difference in our community. Please visit the Valiant Women Membership Page to learn more about joining today!

Five-Year $1.6 Million Commitment

Valiant Women is committed to raising more than $1.6 million over the next 5 years.

Since the formation of Valiant Women in 1994, we have raised over $3.65 million which has helped thousands of diverse women receive superior health care services over the years. It is our mission to now accelerate our fundraising efforts to increase the number of women who can be helped by the Valiant Women. Women are generally the primary care givers of families and have multifaceted responsibilities which require a strong physical and mental state. We believe it is our obligation to help women in this regard so that they and their families can thrive.