Valiant Women Ambassadors

Valiant Women wishes to recognize these individuals for their dedication as ambassadors. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for increasing awareness of our Valiant Women Luncheon and philanthropic causes through outreach to your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues. Your support is vital to the growth of Valiant Women and to the success of our fundraising initiatives.

Dawn Antis

Joseph Barrera, MD

Serena Benson

Lisa Brabender

Karen Carnahan

Christine Carpenter

Terri Covert

Lisa A. Dale

Kimberlee Davis

Michelle Danly

Ellen Edington

Mary Elin Ellis

Deborah Foster

Jill Harmon

Terese Harris

Kim Massoudi

McDaniel Gilmore Group

Frank Moll

Susan D. Morrison

Carolyn Mower

Nancy Patch

Jeanne Olenicoff

Marleen Quandt

Robyn Robinson

Seabreeze Management Company, Inc.

Margarita Solazzo

Jessica Springer

Maureen Sullivan

Sara Sullivan

Wendy Waters

Margaret Webb

Ginny Wetterau

James Wickham, MD

Lisa Young