Diabetes Education Programs

Managing Your Diabetes

Recognizing that diabetes is an ongoing, yet manageable disease, Mission Hospital Mission Viejo provides a diabetes education series for patients and their loved ones. All of the classes within the Diabetes Education series are free and can be taken individually or in any order, as they are designed to provide a comprehensive education on living with diabetes.

Do you have questions about how to effectively enjoy your life and manage your health with diabetes? Join us at Mission Conference Center as we discuss a range of different topics regarding diabetes.

Check out the classes we offer to see if you are interested:

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Diabetic Neuropathies

Managing Your Diabetes

Neurological Complications
of Diabetes

Type 1 vs. Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes Overview

This is a great class for individuals who have just been diagnosed with diabetes, as well as those who would like to learn how to better manage diabetes. The basic information can used to form a strong foundation for other classes.

Eating Well with Diabetes

This class teaches individuals how to control their weight and blood sugars, as well as plan and prepare healthy meals. The differences between carbohydrates, fats, and proteins will also be reviewed during the class time.

Diabetes Medications

In this class, a pharmacist will explain many of the medications that are frequently used to treat diabetes and other common co-existing conditions that individuals may be dealing with in conjunction with diabetes.

Fitness with Diabetes

Our exercise physiologist will discuss the role of exercise within managing diabetes. Exercise handouts will be provided, including options for individuals who have limited mobility or need low impact exercises.

Living with Diabetes

This class will include a discussion on how to effectively manage stress and anxiety, social situations and parties, and even how to work through the ups and downs that diabetes can bring.

The Connection between Diabetes and Sexual Function

Did you know that men with diabetes are at a high risk for developing erectile dysfunction (ED)? This class will discuss ED treatment options that are available. We encourage you to bring your spouse or partner to the seminar.

All of our classes are held on Tuesdays, from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. at the Mission Conference Center. If you would like to register or request more information, please call (877) 459-3627.

Free Lectures & Support Group

In addition to the diabetes education series, educational lectures are offered throughout the year on special topics relating to diabetes. Lectures are free to anyone interested in learning more. Please call us if you would like to find out additional information on these lecturers and support groups, or if you would like to pre-register.

Schedule Support from the Camino Health Center Diabetes Van

Like Camino Health Center, the van is dedicated to caring for medically underserved individuals in south Orange County. Services available on the diabetes van include: treatment by a physician, glucose screenings, blood pressure readings, and health/diabetes education. Call (949) 240-2030 for more information and van scheduling.

You can also reach out to Mission Hospital Mission Viejo to learn more about our Diabetes Education programs, support groups, or other opportunities available.