Heart and Vascular Imaging Procedures

Mission Hospital offers the latest imaging technology for heart and vascular scan that enables physicians to provide even more accurate diagnoses.

Coronary CT Angiography (CTA)

This procedure uses a CT scanner to visualize blood flow in the coronary arteries and the latest computer software to manipulate the data into three-dimensional images. CTA is used to identify weakened sections of coronary arteries or veins to visualize blood flow in your heart. The procedure provides your physicians with more precise images of your blood vessels than either MRI or ultrasound technology.

Cardiac CT for Calcium Scoring

The Calcium Scoring procedure uses a CT scanner to determine the location and extent of calcium deposits in your arteries. After taking into account your age, gender and cardiac risk factors, your calcium score is determined. This score is a strong measure of your risk for coronary artery disease.


Echocardiography is an evaluation of the heart utilizing ultrasound. It is an easily performed procedure allowing physicians and technicians the ability to look inside the beating heart. Some examples of measurements obtained are the chamber sizes, blood flow, muscle movement and valve conditions.

Coronary Angiography

Sometimes referred to as a cardiac catheterization, a cardiac catheterization involves passing a catheter into the heart. This procedure is performed to evaluate blood flow throughout the heart and heart arteries. Heart catheterizations are also performed to place stent devices that open up narrowed arteries increasing blood flow. Other measurements obtained are chamber pressures and valve conditions.