Providing Comprehensive Care for Addiction Recovery

The partial hospitalization program is an outpatient program that meets Monday through Friday. Patients live at home or in a nearby sober living home as they work towards full recovery.

What makes our partial hospitalization program unique?

The initial part of the treatment process will involve our inpatient program. Once this is complete, continued comprehensive care can be provided through our partial hospitalization program. In this program, patients will find structured treatment paired with an increase in shared responsibility. By giving patients more of the responsibility during this time, they can begin to build habits, gain education, and obtain tools for preventing relapse into substance abuse, all while having the freedom to live off campus within the comfort of their own home or sober living facility.

Developing Habits for Long-Term Success

Unlike the more structured inpatient program, our partial hospital program enables patients to make a firm commitment to their recovery. While family and friends are encouraged to continue supporting patients, this is the time during which a patient must truly make their recovery their own. Patients can learn new ways to overcome obstacles and stressful situations they face in daily life, while still receiving support and guidance from our treatment team.

We also encourage patients to develop a bond with a 12-step sponsor during this time, as well as participate in alumni activities to strengthen the foundation of rehabilitation. This transition time is very important to a patient’s overall success

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