Detoxification, or detox, is the first step in overcoming an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Mission Pacific Coast Recovery uses the most advanced medical techniques to provide the safest and most comfortable detoxification available.


Our Program

Upon admission, patients are carefully assessed for individual medical detox needs and then monitored round-the-clock by our team of addiction specialists. As able, they will participate in treatment activities, with staff consistently available to provide all of the support, education and nurturing needed during this critical early stage of treatment.

Every patient is unique, so the length and structure of detox treatment can vary — depending upon age, general health, specific medical needs, the type of drug addiction and the frequency and duration of use.

Chronic Pain

If chronic pain has led to a reliance on prescription drugs, then a medically supervised detoxification program is designed to not only rid the body of the toxins accumulated by drug use and comfortably manage withdrawal symptoms, but also to unwind the pain caused by the opiates. While undergoing traditional chemical dependency treatment, patients are also introduced to alternative pain management strategies such as group psychotherapy and holistic therapies.