Opened in 2014, Mission Hospital's Neuroscience & Spine Institute stands as the premier neurosurgical facility in Orange County

Brain Tumors

Did you know that while you are awake, the human brain can generate enough energy to power a light bulb? Did you know Mission Hospital generates a full time multi-disciplinary team of brain experts to provide state-of-the-art complex care to ensure your brain continues to power many light bulbs?

The Mission Neuroscience Institute (MNI) is a comprehensive center at the forefront of brain tumor treatment. The institute which has installed new operating rooms that opened in 2014, is now a leading brain tumor treatment center, offering both the latest cutting edge technological advances for brain tumor surgical treatment including MRI brain tract mapping, laser ablation of tumors, and functional mapping as well as a number of emerging oncological treatments through its devoted oncologists.

MNI has a devoted brain oncology treatment team which hails from the most prestigious academic pedigrees nationwide and meets weekly for case review. MNI also has a dedicated nursing oncology patient nurse navigator to provide further convenience for the patient as well as to track patient outcomes. With the new push into brain tumor treatment clinical trials, the MNI is sitting at the forefront of brain tumor clinical research.

The institute offers expertise in the following brain tumors: astrocytoma, glioma, glioblastoma, oligodendroglioma, ependymoma, meningioma, hemangioblastoma, neurocytoma.

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