Opened in 2014, Mission Hospital's Neuroscience & Spine Institute stands as the premier neurosurgical facility in Orange County

Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Did you know that wearing a helmet can reduce head injuries by over 70%? Did you know Mission Hospital sees over 2,000 head injuries a year and our neurotrauma teams provides comprehensive injury management to any patient who has a concussion or traumatic brain injury? We will coordinate your care with specialists in many fields, including, physical therapists, speech therapists, neurologists and others.

Accidents or unintentional injury is the #1 killer of youth in the United States. It is the silent epidemic that is plaguing our country. When the injury happens to the brain, it can result in requiring surgery and long stays in the hospital. People can recover from a brain injury or it can leave a person unable to perform daily living activities or sometimes cause death. For this reason, preventing the accident or injury is a priority.

Often, a person who has had an injury to the brain will be brought to the hospital to be evaluated by a team of doctors, nurses and specialists. At Mission Hospital, we take TBIs very seriously, as outlined in these sections:


Injuries to the brain structure

Minor, moderate and severe Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Mission Hospital's protocols

TBI Resources

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