Radiation Oncology in the Jim & Susan Swenson Linear Accelerator Suite

Because of a generous donation from Jim and Susan Swenson, Mission Hospital has a Radiation Oncology department as part of the treatment arsenal available to cancer patients.

Radiation Oncology (also known as Radiation Therapy) is the process of treating cancer with x-rays, gamma rays and charged particles. The treatment can be used in a curative manner, to control disease, or to relieve symptoms of the disease.

When a patient is referred for radiation therapy the process begins with a consultation with our board certified Radiation Oncologist (a physician with highly specialized and extensive training in Radiation Oncology).

After a careful physical exam and review of the patient’s medical records with the patient, several treatment options may be offered. The goal is to provide the education needed to make an informed decision about treatment.

A simulation is then performed using a state of the art CT scanner. This process provides multiple three dimensional images which are used to create a treatment plan. This treatment planning process includes mapping out the area to be treated as well as identifying internal structures to be shielded.

The treatment planning system allows the Radiation Oncologist and the physicist to create a predictive model of the treatment and limit or eliminate the side effects to other portions of the body. Each treatment plan is unique to a particular patient and reflects the on-going machine testing and calibration by our physicists and physician research and collaboration with other specialties.

The Linear Accelerator, a Siemens Artiste has 160 multi-leaf collimators to restrict the radiation to the tumor, tumor bed and at- risk surrounding tissue. This treatment machine has two-dimensional, three-dimensional conformal, and intensity modulated radiation therapy capabilities (IMRT) with on-board imaging for image guidance or IGRT. The patient’s treatment is controlled by the treatment plan which is electronically uploaded into the treatment machine. All treatments are checked, verified and recorded electronically on a daily basis.

Our patients are monitored frequently by the Radiation Oncologist and our registered Radiation Oncology Nurse during their course of treatment.

Other options available are High Dose Radiation Therapy or HDR used to treat breast and gynecological cancers.

For appointments, please call (949) 364-1400, ext. 7230.