The Birth Center at Mission Hospital

Private Birthing Suites

Mission Hospital’s state-of-the-art labor, delivery and recovery suites are located on the second floor of Tower One. Our private birthing suites are equipped with all the technology and emergency equipment needed. Each room is designed for comfort, privacy and safety.

Our approach to care is family-centered. We want to help you and your loved ones celebrate your new addition to your family in comfort. Our supportive childbirth environment provides superior care from our registered nurses with advanced certifications and experience. Your personal labor nurse will be with you during all stages of labor and delivery, helping you through contractions and making you as comfortable as possible.

Our patients range from those with uncomplicated deliveries to those who are experiencing high-risk pregnancies. Through a special relationship with CHOC Children’s at Mission Hospital, we are directly connected to CHOC’s neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for who need specialized care. A team of newborn intensive care physicians and nurses are available to attend your birth if medically necessary.

Midwifery Birthing Suites

Mission Hospital offers suites dedicates to patients who choose to deliver with a midwife. The Midwifery Birthing suites are located within The Birth Center at Mission Hospital. Mission Hospital is the second hospital in the State of California to offer an in-hospital birth center to its patients. The private Midwifery Suites have queen size beds, spacious laboring tubs and are staffed by midwives and nurses who have been educated on physiologic birth. The Birth Center at Mission Hospital offers aromatherapy, spa-like amenities including massage, LED candles as well as sound bars in all of the suites.

Surgical Birthing Suites

For scheduled cesarean births or if an emergency should arise, we have surgical birthing suites conveniently located on the Labor and Delivery Unit.

Surgical Birthing Recovery Suites

After the cesarean birth you and your support person will be moved to a comfortable, private recovery suite, which is adjacent to the Surgical Birthing Suites. You will be cared for, closely monitored and have the opportunity to experience skin-to-skin with your newborn. Breastfeeding is encouraged and supported during this special time.

Mother-Baby Suites

After you have either recovered in your private Birthing Suite for a vaginal delivery or in the Surgical Birthing Recovery Suite you will be welcomed to one of our beautiful and comfortable private Mother-Baby Suites, where you, your newborn and support person will be cared for by our specially trained and highly-skilled mother-baby registered nurses. The majority of our nurses hold advanced degrees and certifications in maternity care. Our nurses are dedicated to providing patient-centered care that focuses on both mother and baby. Nursing staff and certified breastfeeding consultants provide one-on-one instruction in self-care, baby care and breastfeeding. We practice 24-hour rooming in for baby whereby your newborn will stay with you and receive his/her care in your room. We encourage the bonding of your family and your newborn, and welcome your support person to stay with you throughout your visit and the participation of siblings and other family members.

Join us for our Welcome Baby Tour and learn all about The Birth Center at Mission Hospital, including education, follow-up programs and go on a tour of The Birth Center. Support partners, family members and friends are encouraged to attend. No children please.

You can register for an Open House here or call (877) 459-3627 for additional information.