The wisdom and emotional support provided by experienced women during the time of birth is an ancient tradition. This tradition has continued through the centuries, and is now carried on by Doulas in support of a mother who is expecting, experiencing labor or has recently given birth.

A Doula's purpose is to help the mother provide a safe and empowering birth experience. The Doula will serve as an integral part of the birthing team, which include doctors, nurses and other health educators--allowing the mother to be supported by an entire care team.

When requested by the expectant mother, a Doula can help her with walking during labor, breathing techniques, positioning assistance, specific massage techniques, verbal reassurance and spouse or partner guidance.

Expecting mothers can find a certified Doula for hire by visiting the DONA International site. DONA International is a leader in evidence-based doula training, certification and continuing education. Expecting parents can hire a Doula and have the Doula present to support the birth of their child.

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