Cord Blood

Umbilical cord blood is the blood remaining in the placenta after your baby is born Cord blood is rich in stem cells. Stem cells have been used to regenerate healthy blood and immune systems.

After your baby is born, the umbilical cord is clamped and cut. The hospital staff can collect the blood from the cord of the placenta. The procedure is safe and painless.

There are a few simple steps you must complete if you would like to enroll in cord blood baking. You will want to sign up with one of the plans that is right for your family. You will want to complete the paperwork online with the cord banking company of your choice, after researching online and discussing with your physician. A collection kit will be mailed to you. You will need to remember to bring your kit with you to the hospital for your delivery. Please remember to tell your physician and nurse you want cord blood banking. After delivery, you will need to call the number provided by the cord blood banking of your choice, for 24/7 medical courier pick up of your kit.