Clinical Services

The Mission Hospital Cancer Genetics Program aims to help individuals and families with a history of cancer better understand and manage their cancer risk. The program includes providers with expertise in Cancer Genetic Counseling and Risk Assessment, Medical Oncology and Surgery. Together, these specialists assess and develop management plans for hereditary cancer syndromes and familial occurrences of cancer.

We provide individuals with important information to assist in early detection, prevention and improved cancer management by:

  • Performing a detailed cancer risk assessment based on personal and family history.
  • Facilitating and interpreting genetic testing when appropriate.
  • Providing an individualized cancer screening and prevention plan.
  • Comprehensive genetic counseling and cancer risk assessment.
  • An explanation of inherited cancer syndromes and familial cancer risk.
  • Facilitation and interpretation of appropriate genetic testing.
  • A written, individualized cancer screening and prevention plan.
  • Recommendations for family members.
  • Detailed consultation report to the referring physician.