Patient Satisfaction

Mission Hospital is committed to making sure our patients receive excellent, compassionate, quality care. We ask for feedback from our patients on how well we are meeting their expectations. We do this through an independent company, Professional Research Consultants (PRC), who conduct phone surveys on our behalf. The information received from patients on their experiences helps us to improve our patient care.

The scores reflect our patients’ assessments of the overall quality of care they received during their visits as an inpatient staying overnight in one of our units, an inpatient in our Acute Rehabilitation unit, an outpatient receiving treatment without an overnight stay, a patient in the emergency department, or someone receiving same day (ambulatory) surgery. Patients receive care at one of our two campuses: the Mission Viejo campus or the Laguna Beach campus.

The following is how Mission Hospital (both campuses) ranks nationally against other hospitals that utilize PRC:

July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016

For a more in-depth look at the inpatient experience at Mission Hospital, there is also an official US Government website that shows the patient experience broken out by category. The website will allow you to compare Mission Hospital’s patient experiences and quality indicators to those of other local hospitals. To see these scores, please click the following link: Hospital Compare